SEO & Backlinks

By better understanding your target market and creating a strategic, data-driven SEO plan, you are able to more effectively market your website.

Website Audit

If you created your website several years ago — or even if you made it more recently but you have only a limited understanding of SEO and UX — you need a website audit. We will analyze your website to see where the problems lie and develop a strategy to fix these issues. Our website audits take into account your business goals, the purpose of your website, and our analysis of your competitors. We look at everything from code and the technical side of your site to content and the responsiveness of the design. At the end, we’ll provide you with a report of our findings, giving you the chance to decide what steps you want to take next.

Keyword Research

Just like everything else in search engine optimization, keyword research best practices are always changing. Our experts use the latest best practices to ensure you’re focusing just on keywords that will help you appear in the search results for qualified users. We consider every part of the buyer’s journey to prevent neglecting any potential customers. After you’ve implemented the keywords we suggested, we’ll monitor the results. This allows us to continuously improve the strategy.

Competitor Research

Unless you’ve performed competitor research, you could be missing opportunities that are right in front of you. We go beyond collecting the easy data and dig deep. We have a system to ensure we gather all the most important details about your competitors. In fact, we will even uncover competitors you were unaware you had. It’s worthwhile receiving this service on a periodic basis, as competitor research is key for your own growth and innovation.

Content Creating

It may seem like just a few simple phrases and paragraphs, but actually your messaging framework is much more than that. It goes to the heart of your business, representing everything you stand for and hope to achieve. A messaging framework consists of elements including your mission, brand promise, tone of voice, elevator pitch, and supporting examples. We will build your messaging framework for you to ensure that your team is aligned, that you’re working toward the same goals, and that you create a consistent image across platforms. In addition, after you’ve implemented the messaging framework, we’ll keep testing it and making minor changes to ensure it is the best it can possibly be.